A look at Ethical hacker, Jamie Woodruff

When we think of hackers we imagine  someone who  lounges around in a basement staring at a computer without seeing the light of day. However, Jamie Woodruff will hack your phone in an instant.

Technical director of cyber Security Company Metrix cloud uses his level of expertise to hack companies to discover their security weakness.

Jamie woodruff is an ethical hacker who uses his knowledge of computing to find weaknesses in companies security systems. Woodruff’s journey began when he hacked Facebook during a school competition at Bangor University where he was studying information systems. His first encounter with a computer began at an early age. ” I took apart my computer when i was nine” he said. He further went on to explain that he became more interested in computers when he went to a computer shop allowing him the chance to learn more about the inner-workings of a computer.

During the Vibrant Digital Future event Woodruff went onto explain different ways to access information. In order to test their security flaws Woodruff would be employed by companies to offer them advice and test how strong their security is. In order to gain access into the building Woodruff would use an act of disguise by attiring as a pizza delivery man. This allowed him to gain entry into the buildings and observe the layout to find any breaches in security.

Woodruff explained that there are many ways to carry out an attack, he went onto explain various “attack vector” used to gain access to server rooms to obtain information. This approach is used commonly by hackers to steal customer information such as bank details and personal information. Woodruff’s procedure have landed him into trouble and led many people to question his own ethical approach to hacking.


Sagar Desai

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