Armed Thugs Break Into Coventry Secondary School

No pupils were harmed as youths carrying weapons were escorted off-site. 

West Coventry Academy on Nutbrook Avenue was put on lockdown this week after a group young adults broke into the school armed with hockey sticks.

The armed trio trespassers broke in via the perimeter gate on the school’s sports field.

Eyewitnesses claim that the group was wielding hockey sticks. Malcolm, whose son goes to West Coventry Academy stated that his son was told to stay in lesson until told otherwise.

“He said there was no panic, no one was upset, and [my son] said it lasted no longer than ten minutes” he explained.

“Once the issue was identified it was dealt with in a calm and professional manner and at no time were the children in danger. As a parent I am totally satisfied with how it was handled”

In an official statement West Coventry Academy told the public that “three boys carrying sticks broke through the perimeter fence into the outer fields”

It added that “The school has CCTV evidence and is liaising closely with the police”

“They were apprehended immediately and followed off-site by members of leadership”

Parents were informed of the situation via text message after the incident had been dealt with by the leadership team.

Speaking to iCov Media, West Midlands Police stated ‘We were called to West Coventry Academy in Tile Hill to reports of intruders at 12:40pm. No arrests [were made] or injuries [reported] and investigations continue.’

Despite the break in, all lessons continued as usual for the rest of the day.

Coventry currently ranks 40th in the country for anti-social behaviour.

West Coventry Academy was opened in 1957 and received a ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted in 2014.

West Coventry Academy was not available for comment.  

Joseph Scotting

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