Can Online behaviour in gaming be controlled?

The gaming industry is known for its competitive edge, interactions between players throughout the gaming community has seen the level of players withdraw from using online chat and streaming services. This behavior has seen many gamers step away from using these services that have been designed to make your gaming experience enjoyable and it has been replaced with a hostile environment which thrives on the harassment of players.

Online behavior in the gaming industry is heavily noticeable and has seen players overstep their boundaries by threatening players. In extreme cases these disputes have occurred outside the content of the game. In 2014, the controversy known as ‘gamergate’ saw women in the gaming industry attacked with death threats and an invasion of privacy.

The impact behavior has had on the online community has left a bad reputation for online gamers who are known to be aggressive. The gaming industry has made profitable margins within recent years which has underlined a constant demand for video games. In 2017, free-to-play games that focused on mobile games generated $59.2bn, followed by Gaming consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation at $33bn and PC gaming at $8.3bn.

The gaming industry has seen businesses on the rise focusing on technology that has taken the market by storm. Virtual reality and augmented reality are in the process of creating an incredible gaming experience but has yet too fully take off. Despite that, extended reality made exceeding revenue within interactive media.

In total, the gaming industry saw revenues totaling $108.4bn in 2017 and is expected to exceed that figure in 2018 with the rise of e-sports which is continuing to rise in popularity. The gaming industry has not lost revenue due to online behavior that is being displayed throughout the gaming community. However, a number of gaming companies have decided to speak out against this problem which is leaving a bad reputation for the companies and their business.

The Fair Play Alliance has been created by major gaming companies that are at the forefront of the industry such as Blizzard, Intel Cooperation, Unity technology, Xbox and many more. These companies have come together to combat and advocate fair play in online games and also raise awareness of the issue it is having on the community.

Gaming Company Riot, is responsible for creating League of Legends which has a massive following attracting over 67 million people per month. But the popular computer game is also known for in-game behavior which results in a tarnished reputation.  Despite its exceeding popularity, toxic online behavior will cause issues for the company from a business stand point. Resulting in news players loosing interest in the game and bad publicity for the company.

Online game developers focus on creating strategies that can help understand interactions between players by conducting studies into their behavior to ensure that they have an efficient business model that can be used to control online behavior. As a result, companies have come together in an attempt to stop toxic behavior from ruining player’s gaming experiences.


Sagar Desai

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