Despite predicted job boom in the City, Coventry will experience sizeable redundancy due to Toys ‘R’ Us closure

Close to 1oo employed workers are set to lose their jobs in Coventry despite recent predictions that the City is expected to see an extensive rise in employment opportunities.

The Mirror reported just last month that the popular  juvenile-product retailer Toys ‘R’ Us would be closing down across Britain’s high-streets after failing to adapt to an ever-growing competitive online market.

Toys ‘R’ Us was founded and established in 1948 in New York City and quickly grew to become one of the world’s most popular and widely recognised toy stores across the globe. However, the store filed for bankruptcy last year in September.

Within Coventry the closure of Toys ‘R’ Us is expected to see 98 workers lose their jobs.

While the news was an inevitable repercussion for city’s such as Coventry who have large Toys ‘R’ Us distribution centres, it does conflict recent predictions and for the city’s economic and employment future.

With the City being awarded the City of Culture for 2021, mass increases in employment and economic growth had been predicted. BQLive predicted last month that the city of culture win would bring 2000 new jobs to the city.

The report cited comments from David Burbidge CBE DL, the chairman of the Coventry City of Culture Trust. Burbridge noted that previous cities such as Hull had seen mass increase in employment and therefore expected to see the same across Coventry.

What are the direct consequences for Toys ‘R’ Us in Coventry?

While the 98 jobs that are expected to be lost within Coventry will hit those directly involved to a substantial extent. Locals were considerably more concerned by another factor.

Many flocked to Coventry’s Toys ‘R’ Us hoping to find a number of bargains amongst a closing down sale. However, customers were left disappointed.

We spoke to Taylor Evans who visited the store with her husband in a quest to find a cheap present for her daughter’s birthday but was left unsatisfied.

“My husband and I went to the Coventry store to purchase some gifts for our daughters first birthday. The item we picked up was reduced from £49 to £39, we checked Argos prices and they were selling the same item for £26 and that was there full price.”


We have reached out for comments from Toys ‘R’ Us in Coventry to find out how they will support workers being made redundant but have yet to have received any further information. 



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