Dry January: Everything You Need To Know

Whether it be students at University or you and your co-workers celebrating the start of the weekend on a Friday afternoon, consuming alcohol is something that most certainly enjoy. However, a person’s enjoyment of alcohol and drinking should be something that is managed responsibly, which is something that ‘Dry January’ is looking to achieve.

Dry January, as stated by the organisation themselves, is an annual movement through which millions of people give up alcohol throughout the month of January for various reasons. Some of these reasons are that: it enables you take control of your relationship with alcohol, and encourages people to question why it is they drink alcohol, and how people can the reduce the harm that drinking it can cause.

The ‘Dry January’ movement has many benefits to it, with most of them relating to a better state of health for everyone involved. Speaking to ambassador for the organisation, Charlotte Pearce, I was informed of the many benefits that taking part in ‘Dry January’ can have for a person.

When interviewing Pearce about the positives of giving up alcohol for a month, she said “in the last few years, studies have shown that people taking part in ‘Dry January’ have seen a fairly positive impact on a person’s wellbeing and lifestyle. For example, 79% of people that took part in the movement saved money, with 62% of participants getting more sleep, and 49% of participants losing weight as a result.”.

I then also interviewed Pete Fraser, someone who has taken part in ‘Dry January’ for the past four years, about his experiences with giving up alcohol for an entire month. “For me, Dry January is absolutely worth the effort, as some of the benefits that I experienced were almost life changing! For example, my skin, which something I’ve had a lot of problems with in my life, got significantly better. Also, it saved me a lot of money as, I’m not sure whether you’re aware or not, but the average person spends about £50,000 on alcohol in their life, so giving it up for a month certainly did my bank balance some good!”

Fraser also went on to add “another benefit of taking part in ‘Dry January’ is that is helps you recognise that you don’t need alcohol in your life to enjoy, and that by giving it up, it’ll your insides and body a world of good.”

Alcohol, as fun as it may seem to get drunk, is something that will cause serious harm to your body in the long term, and is something that should always be consumed responsibly. So, why don’t you give ‘Dry January’ a go? Who knows what good it could do for your wellbeing? And who knows, maybe it’ll help kick alcohol out of your life for good.

Sam Wilkins

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