Fat Fighters Help Peppa the Pug to Become Slimmer of the Week

A Veterinary Clinic in the West Midlands are helping our furry friends to lose weight and become healthy again.

Hart Vets have started their own “fat club” for our favourite four-legged friends, to help them to stay at their ideal weight, which includes regular weigh ins and encouraging one-to-one sessions with qualified nurses.

There has been a rise in obese pets as owners cannot resist the fluffy, cute faces. Over-feeding by rewarding dogs too many treats is the main culprit to this epidemic, it is becoming common for animal lovers to give in to the infamous “puppy eyes”.

Overweight pets are becoming more common as people see it as “cute” to have a chubby dog. This is a concern for vets as it effects the health of the animals. The trend is show over social media, especially Instagram, where people are sharing images of their cuddly dogs.

The “Slimming World” style programme teaches owners to change their pet’s diet in a way that will not affect them, cutting their meals down by only a few grams at a time.  This was the dogs will not notice the difference and consequently they will not get hungry.

Success story, Peppa the Pug, has had a dramatic transformation after losing 1.5 kilograms in only three months. After struggling to enjoy her daily walks due to her weight of 9.65kg, she is now much happier, at a weight of 8.1kg, and has seen a massive improvement in her daily lifestyle. Peppa “struggled with exercise…her size meant waking became a chore, not a pleasure, as being a pug, she struggled with the extra weight”. Peppa’s mum, Julie, says “she has been a star, but there’s still a little bit more to do as we want to get her under 8kgs”.

Julie believes that Peppa is a fantastic example of how drastic a dog’s weight loss can be. It has completely changed Peppa’s life as she is not more able to run around and enjoy her walks, exercise has become her favourite part of the day.

The scheme aims to tackle obesity in animals as it affects their health in the same way it affects humans, and encouraging owners to help their little companions can prevent any future health problems. Pet insurance company, Petplan, state that 36% off all dogs and 29% of cats are obese. The main causes of the problem are too much food and a lack of exercise; these are direct results of owner behaviour.

The statistics are shocking as it is down to the owners to take control of their pet’s diet and health, giving that “extra treat” every time really builds up and can impact a dog’s life.

The amount of food a dog needs depends on their lifestyle and health. Human food is not a healthy meal for dogs, no matter how much they seem to enjoy it. Ingredients like chocolate and onions can sometimes be poisonous to dogs, so be careful when giving them a taster of your own meal. If you are unsure of any of this, visit your local vet to get advice on the best nutrition for your beloved pet.

Could your puppy be the next “slimmer of the week”?

Lizzie Johnston

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