Fitness at Christmas… How do our habits change?


As the party season picks up, getting to the gym isn’t always a top priority. With many people letting the fitness drop and the mince pies increase, we have to look at different ways to keep up the regime.

Jack Claxton, Personal Trainer at David Lloyd says, ‘although attendance drops throughout December, effort levels of clients remains the same and the commitment helps to keep attendance normal.’

Each year, January sees a huge increase in new memberships as well as busier sessions at the gym, so why not get a head start?

Offers such as 14 days for £14 valid until 13th December 2017 (to be completed by 28th October 2017), make keeping fit throughout Christmas, that little bit easier. However, if you can’t get to the gym, home workouts are a good alternative in those few spare moments you manage to find.

Steph Lowe

(Image provided by AlexVan, Pixabay)


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