Former Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett to discuss Universal Income in Coventry Pub

Natalie Bennett (Credit Wiki Commons)

Former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett is to be the key note speaker at an event held by  The Skeptics in The Pub Coventry, where she will discuss the idea of Universal Basic Income.

Mrs Bennett has become known as a champion of the policy of universal basic income – a guarantee that people’s basic needs will be met by an unconditional payment to meet their essential needs.
The event is being held at The Twisted Barrel Brewery & Tap House, in Fargo Village on 17 January 2018 19:30 – 22:00 and it is free to attend with a voluntary donation option available.

Skeptics in The Pub Coventry, founding member David McKeegan is looking forward to hosting Mrs Bennett and is expecting quite a large crowd for as she is quite well known, not only in political circles but in environmental & activist groups as well.

“Coventry Skeptics started in 2012, at the moment it is ran by three of us, Kat, Doug and myself & we started at The Albany Pub. The premise behind Skeptics was formed in around 2005 /2006 in London and the idea caught on, there is about 50 or so of them dotted around the country.  We decided to start one after going to a couple of the Birmingham Skeptic’s events and we thought that Coventry could really use a place like this!

We try and run an event ever month, we haven’t missed many in the last few years, we skip December as it’s too near Christmas and we have started skipping August as a lot of people are on their holidays . We are generally sceptical people, we liked debunking things, bad science, bad philosophy and bad history which is what last nights was about.”

On Wednesday night, Skeptics in The Pub hosted a rather controversial event asking the question ‘Did Churchill sacrifice Coventry?’, and with such strong local interest in that particular line of thought, the night saw a record attendance for the group.
“The new Twisted Barrel is about four times the size of the original which is a pretty good thing as was it pretty much filled it last night, we had about 100 people turn up.”

Skeptics in the Pub Coventry has given a platform to well-known figures from a variety of backgrounds, fields and disciplines including philosopher AC Grayling, science author Simon Singh and Red Dwarf star Robert Llewellyn

“A.C Grayling came when we were based in Spon Street, he was quite remarkable he came along and asked us what he should talk about and we said well anything you want really. He spoke about the history of skepticism, no powerpoint, no script, no nothing and spoke engagingly for an hour it was absolutely brilliant.
Robert Llewellyn’s talk was very well attended as well, he didn’t’ speak about Red Dwarf he spoke about electric cars which is a passion of his.”

Speaking on future development plans for the group of intellectual inquisitors Mr McKeegan made it known that organising such events is a labour of love;
“We kind of sail by the seams of our pants most of the time, we seldom have more than three months ahead booked in advance. So our plans are to just keep on going, as our booking list shortens to keep on trying to lengthen it and extending it with interesting speakers and promote interesting discussions.”

You can check out Coventry’s Skeptics in The Pub website for further listings of events, follow their  Facebook page and join the Universal Basic Income with Natalie Bennett event here.

David Aston

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