Has cold calling finally gone overboard?

We’ve all had the nuisance cold calls asking “whether we’ve had an accident” or “miss-sold being sold PPI”. Now there is a threat that the charity cold call has gotten to new levels of harassment. People have now taken to the neighbourhoods of Coventry; knocking on doors pretending to be charities and robbing the unsuspecting homeowners.

Back in September a marketing firm in Coventry was fined more than a quarter of a million pounds after making more than 16million automated nuisance calls. The firm also broke the rules by not including a company name and contact details in the recorded message.

More than 550 complaints were made to the ICO about the calls, including from recipients of multiple messages or calls made in the early hours of the morning over the May 2017 bank holiday weekend. It is clear that is a lot that needs to be done about the cold calls and the false advertisers.

Be sure to check out the full story on iCov at 3pm.

Tatenda Munzara


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