Looking for Work? That’s How to Make the Progress

Employability support programme – the “Progress” – which came to Coventry and Warwickshire exactly a year ago as part of the “Building Better Opportunities” project, has just revealed impressive outcomes, showing how the region is tacking the poverty and social exclusion.


Led by the Groundwork UK, with support from the Council and local delivery partners, “Progress” came to the city with the aim to help young people aged 15 – 24  improve their chances of employment by offering them local coaching support in order to put them on the right path to successful future.


After a year, the “Progress” together with the whole “BBO” (Building Better Opportunities) project has changed the lives of millions of people and  achieved results are just the beginning of the whole process.


As project is funded by the Big Lottery  and the European Social Funds, it is free and is open to everyone in NEET (not in employment, education or training) or at risk of NEET in Coventry and Warwickshire.



Even though it is funded by the Big Lottery Fund, the project is nothing like a lottery itself. In contrary, as Andy Harrison says:


“It’s a universal offer, everyone is welcome”.


To find more about the programme and its recent results, please listen for the radio piece below, which features interviews with:


Andy Harrison, the Head of Contracts for Groundwork, UK (main programme leader), who shares the results of the programme achievements, and tells more about the programme itself.

Becki Coombe, the Chair and Director of The Learn2 Group, one of the programme delivery partners, who also adds on why the programme is beneficial and explains, how the partnership works.



For further information and explanation on how to join the programme please visit www.groundwork.co.uk; and for more information about the Lear2Group delivery partner please visit www.thelec.org.uk.


To follow the action on Twitter  use the hashtag: #BBOProgress 

Or follow Groundwork UK  @groundworkuk


The link to listen for the full interviews with more in-depth details about the programme and its benefits, please visit:




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