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Today we will be covering the celebration of 100 years of women’s suffrage, as well as the budget.

Strap yourself in for a day of news!




New Updates

Read about Coventry's own suffragette, Gladys Stringer, here.http://icov.co.uk/gladys-stringer-a-coventry-mayoress-and-suffragette-hero/


Podcast about the NHS discussing the privatisation of the service. Have a listen!https://soundcloud.com/you/collection


Our final podcast for today - the healthcare budget cuts and what is suffering because of this - will be up and running shortly. Stay tuned!


Our podcast on the budget for Coventry Council is up too -https://soundcloud.com/user-927196628/budget-the-cuts-effecting-coventry-council-tax-rise-and-the-birmingham-city-council-budget-meeting


Podcast on Suffragettes is available now, check it out - http://icov.co.uk/podcast-womens-votes-100-years-on/


Michael and Berta just got done making live news stories on Facebook, here is the link - https://www.facebook.com/icovmedia/?hc_ref=ARQMZ27Cmx1p0mCueI3RGFxIWgENfUeer3koLsFnj6h_vyV7l6SevFteldAwxjqZUeU


Just completed the podcast on the budget of Coventry Council - be sure to watch out for that when it drops!


Second podcast is about to get underway now - tune in if you would like to find out more about the budget!


Suffragette podcast is compete be sure to give it a listen if you would like to learn more about how women attained the vote and why!


Oxfam receives 31.7 million from the Uk Government and in total they made 149 million from governments and other public authorities.


English footballer Ryan Mason has been forced to retire at the age of 26, due to a fractured skull. He played at Hull before the injury.


Well done Christie - good luck for the final!


Podcast is being recorded right now - be sure to listen to listen to it this afternoon.


MPs launching an enquiry into work place harassment. They are now inventing submissions of written evidence and the enquiry a string of harrasment and intimidation against leading figures in the US film industries as well as claims of inappropriate behaviour in Parliament.


There has been a rise in council - reporter Ben Rees will have more on this soon. Stay posted!


Coventry Council budget reveals that they have cut nearly half a million for sexual health services, despite the region having some of the highest rates of HIV in the country. Sexual health services are at a tipping point, with many local clinics not able to keep up with demand. This has lead to longer waiting times for patients to see a specialist and results taking more than the two week target period.


Olympic Skater is in the semi finals following her success in the quarters. Speed skating final will be this afternoon - stay tuned!


Coventry Council aims to eliminate human trafficking and slavery by bidding for a 175k government grant following a council meeting. There are also plans to setup a safe house for victims.


Anyone heard about the Oxfam Scandal? Monifa will have more on that later today.


Only 40 minutes until we start recording our podcast on the suffragettes and women's rights. We are very excited!


Did you know? Former Coventry mayoress Gladys Stringer was heavily involved with the suffragette movement.  Stringer had close ties to Emmaline Pankhurst alongside supporting local women within Coventry in gaining equality.  Tune into our suffragette podcast later today and stay locked to our web content for the full story on Stringer from our reporter Billy Hodder. 

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