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Ill informed, the Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire based band has released their first EP 88 today. The 3 piece Hard-core punk band have established themselves with their previous gigs, playing at various places around Hertforshire. Made up of Laura Hill doing lead vocals, Rafe Holden on lead Guitar and Vocals and Dan Oliphant on the Drums. They have taken a storm through St Albans, Luton and all the way up to Hitchin. They’re leaving their mark everywhere. Not to mention the girl power present in this band, the female lead vocalist really shakes things up when it comes to local, up-coming rock bands. The fact that her vocals are strong and stay strong throughout the songs makes their chances at success, pretty damn high.

Credit: @illinformed

The fact that this band is formed of young, outspoken individuals is another positive for their road to success. You don’t get a lot of new bands writing about controversial and REAL subjects; their audiences can trust them. Rather than just the usual, same old love song. The range in the vocals is an interesting additive, from the hard vocals to the spoken lyrics, you’re not bored listening to their music. Laura Hill is clearly doing something right. As clear from their live shows, drumming and guitar are always consistent and have some catchy beats, everything needed in a good song.

Their debut EP, consists of 4 strong songs, you can see that although the sample is short, you can see diverse progress with each song, each one being better than the last. Their song Naughty, shows off all 3 of them, the guitar at the beginning of the song definitely pulls you in, the riffs are consistent throughout the song and will certainly be a winner with crowds. I have mentioned the leads vocals, but Rafe Holden, not only a wiz with a guitar, has some strong pipe, I think extremely present in the last song; Musical Statues. The two vocalists are strong, but when they sing together it makes the outcome a lot stronger. Something they could include in their future Album. – The very near future hopefully.

Their EP was only released today and their release show is coming up tomorrow. That’s the 2nd of February for only £5 entry. The show will be held at Harvey’s in Luton, address is provided on their Facebook page. If you really want to hear what I’ve been raving on about, head over to their page, get your ticket and get ready for a heavy night.

Facebook: @illinformeduk


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