Imminent Arrival of Coca-Cola truck brings Christmas Spirit to Coventry

The famous Coca-Cola truck will be visiting Coventry in December on it’s annual tour, which is sure to bring Christmas cheer to the city.

Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

This will be the first time the truck has visited Coventry city centre since 2012, having been snubbed in the last couple of years. The truck was last spotted in Coventry in 2014, at an ASDA in Walsgrave.

The arrival of the truck in Broadgate, the City Centre’s main square is sure to delight many in the city, with many getting their first ever glimpse of the brightly lit red truck.

Residents and visitors will also get the opportunity to get a taste of what Coca-Cola has to offer with a free can of either Coca-Cola original, Diet Coke or Coke Zero to indulge in while getting the chance to be photographed with the truck.

The reaction to the news has been positive across the city.

Jen Marscheider, marketing manager of Coventry’s 2012 City of Culture bid believes it is nice that the truck is visiting Coventry because “many people associate the truck with Christmas and so people are very excited to have the truck visit Coventry.”

Charlotte Davies, communications manager at Coca-Cola UK explained what will be on offer for the people of Coventry when they descend on Broadgate to see the truck:

“People in Coventry will have the opportunity to see the truck up close, have their photograph taken and enjoy a choice of a small, 150ml can of Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke or Coke Zero.”

The visit will cap off a busy few weeks for the city, with the Christmas lights switch on featuring Alesha Dixon and the Christmas Market still to the come, Coventry is in for a busy, yet eventful Christmas period that everyone can enjoy, no matter what your age.
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