Is Coventry Boring? KW

Would you live in Coventry?

To most brits, Coventry isn’t the most popular or exciting of places to visit but for Coventry residents, they seem to think otherwise.

Life in Coventry is unhurried and muted for a city, having made comparisons to busier and more famous cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham. The lack of modernised buildings, well known tourist attractions and state of the art shopping center is the main resources which students feel they need to be developed in Coventry. So does Coventry need a major redevelopment?

We spoke to two Londoners to get their thoughts on the matter:

Compared to London, Coventry is very miniscule, therefore most things are 15-20 minutes away from eachother [walking distance], which means there’s one of each attraction in the area, so you’ll have maybe 2 or 3 boots stores, one big Primark store, compared to London, where you could find a range of stores all on one road, whereas in Coventry, there would be just the one shop which is more difficult to find. And because there isn’t that much choice of clothing stores in the city centre, you would have to travel to Birmingham or Warwickshire to go to their shopping centres.

As foreigners to the city. many Coventry students would feel like Coventry doesn’t have much to offer, with limited nightclubs, recreational activties and the lack of variety in the West Orchads shopping centre. With reports about a £300m regenration plan for a sate of the art shopping centre taking place, this could make Coventry more of a tourist attraction. But how much will this scheme effect small local business in the city centre, and whehter or not local residents would want this to happen, as they feel the current state of Coventry’s environment gives a the city some character and persoanlity.

On the other hand, Coventry is one of few cities in the UK, to keep hold of some of there dazzling old and historic buildings, which comes as the only few remnants of the destruction in the second world war. This may not bode appealing to some of the younger students or tourists visiting the city, but many of the older generation would marvel at the ancient attraction.

All in All, it is safe to say that Coventry doesn’t offer a vast majority of things to do compared to the major cities in the UK, but the authenticty of the city paints a buoyant atmosphere amongst the locals along with its historic world war one buildings.  Although, is this enough for Coventry to build on their tourism and compete with the Birminghams and London within the UK. It begs the question is Coventry still considered boring?

By Kadeem Whynn

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