It’s Not Berry Good

Do you want to loose weight? Do you want to consume all of your 5 a day? The smoothie diet sounds perfect right. I mean blueberries, strawberries, raspberries all sound healthy, it’s a fruit therefore it must be good for you. But what if it’s not, what if it’s doing more damage than good.

The smoothie diets have hit Instagram, Youtube and Facebook as a magnificent way to loose weight. The benefits of these smoothie diets are emphasised in social media and highlighted on the Internet by celebrities, as a diet that is healthy for you. Many of the their followers believe this. The diet promises weight loss, more energy and feeling healthier. However if you’re only consuming fruit smoothies, of course you’ll loose weight, but what are the negatives that are being brushed under the carpet.

Richard Bate a dentist at ‘The Coventry & Warwickshire Centre for Advanced Dentistry’ shows a new light on this craze. Bate says that “They set theses things up not for the good of people but for the good of their pockets”. His perception of these diets is that they are set up to get money.

We only hear the positives of this smoothie diet but what is it doing to our teeth and how? Bate gives an insight to the damage, “If you think about that mixture you’re putting onto your teeth, it’s very gloopy, it clings to everything and its very sugary…Its also quite acidic, so it would be dissolving your teeth…People don’t tend to hit the smoothie back in ten seconds, they tend to sit their and sip on it for half a hour”.

Bate further goes into detail about how our mouth is cleverly designed to protect itself. He says, “The mouth naturally is very good with dealing with hostile environments…the spit that you produce acts as a buffer against acidic damage” But surely that proves that the mouth is good at shielding itself from this sort of harm? Bate says that “If your repeatedly exposing your mouth to the things that causes problems, this natural protecting mechanisms that you’ve got their, effectively becomes over whelmed and it can’t protect you.”

So, we know the disadvantages of what it is doing to our mouth, but why isn’t healthy for our bodies. An interview with John, the owner of JBTotalFitness in Coventry, discusses why it isn’t good for you. He says “They’re not really supportive in long term goals, it won’t support your general activity… Its gonna leave you lacking so many other nutrients and so much other important stuff…I don’t think its really gonna help with general health basically”

If you’re looking to loose weight healthily, its about improving your lifestyle. John says “people are falling into habits…without even thinking. Starting from simple small things…what do you eat in the morning.” If you’re not eating breakfast, then start by changing that. Eating in the morning is important, it helps kick start the rest of the day.

This article isn’t about keeping people away from fruit but to stop people from going on extreme diets that are potentially harmful to your body. You should consume fruit but you should also have a balanced diet alongside with it.


Khanderly Parker

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