Local band Evolve performance at The Town Crier

Yesterday, The Town Crier was  welcoming the band ‘Evolve’ to play live. Matt (the drummer), David (the bassists ), Steve (guitar player) and Rich the main singer gathered  to give a life performance in one of their Coventry’s favourite pub, city where some of them are originally from.



For 10 years, the band has been making covers of a vast array of songs in an indie rock’n’roll style.  They have an extraordinary wide repertoire going from  the 70’s  with Richard Ash, the Beatles or the Undertones covers but also more recent bands like Razorlight, Kings of Leon and even Franz Ferdinand.

They  pleased  a larger audience by adapting themselves to such a wide range of covers.

What is noticeable is that they don’t  do dry covers but they try to adapt it to their genre of music. Though they keep the soul of the original song, they also try to put a part of them in the music. If you want to know a little bit more about the band you can visit their website.

The band celebrated their 10th anniversary  this year and for the occasion they took part in a momentous gig organised by the fundraising  Charity ‘Make a Wish’ .


As they have been playing together for 10 years, they have been used to play in weddings, clubs, pubs, birthdays and local gigs.When I asked them about their best memory in their career so far they all exchanged glances of complicity and laughed at the same time. Then they said: ‘ For sure it was for a live performance in a Pub in Coventry called the rainbow (doesn’t exist anymore , editors note). We were very excited about playing live and a live performance demands long shifts: it’s a lot of setting up, anyway we arrived at the venue with all our equipment and we were not prepared to what was going to happen. We discovered the place we were going to play we all looked surprised; in our head we just were all thinking where are we going to play? There was literally no place, we had a little and miserable square to fit all our instruments and lights and everything. It was terrible; I (Matt, the drummer) was almost sited on the floor to play. It’s a moment we are not going to forget.’ Laugh


The band seems to be like  a family that makes you  easily comfortable, there was no dull moments . We talked about music and its evolution. And they said: ‘ Music has radically changed thanks to all the thriving inventions that was made in the industry, with the arrival of the DJS music has gained something. Sometimes people wonder if DJS can be considered as musicians but in some ways they arem having worked with some of them, they really bring a touch to our music’.

Evolve, used to play original songs but  gradually they decided to cover a wide range of genre and age of music by mainly doing covers.

You can hear a rock’n’roll version of the song Price Tag originally performed by Jessie J :


The interview ended with a piece of advice of from Evolve to aspiring artists:  ‘Just enjoy it! No matter how you learn music in a conservatory or you are self taught, you must enjoy it!’

Every Saturday the town Crier welcomes bands (usually local) to give a live performance. The pub attracts mainly middle aged people but also welcomes people of all ages. It’s a lovely traditional English pub where one can have fun.  It’s 3-5 minutes walk from Coventry City Centre.



The Town Crier, Corporation Street, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 1PB
t: 02476 632317 | e: the_town_crier@hotmail.co.uk


By Nour Abida

Sub edited by : Kerry Lenihan

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