Pets Are For Life, Not Just Christmas!

As the end of the year approaches so does Christmas and many letters to Santa have been sent! For many people the top of their Christmas list is a pet! What better gift than opening to reveal an adorable little puppy or kitten!

As much as I am sure we would all love to recieve a puppy or a kitten for Christmas or perhaps want to treat someone with a friendly four legged companion. What a large amount of people don’t realise and consider is the responsibilities that come with looking after an animal. Pets are an amazing present but they are they’re for the future too!! Pets are for life not just for Christmas.

“Approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats.”

This statistic is nationwide and may seem difficult to relate too however this is very real in our local area. The local RSPCA Centre in Coventry and Warrick work very hard in trying to give cats and dogs their forever home. David Budd who works at the centre gave us an insight to how hard they do work and how you can help.


– What do you do as a charity?

As a local branch of the RSPCA it is our aim to help local animals and to educate the community regarding animal welfare and how to take care of their pets.


-What would a day look like as a staff member within the charity?

Every day at the centre is different and staff constantly adapt to an ever changing diary. As an Animal Care Assistant, the day starts with a morning briefing which gives an idea of what animals are coming and going during the day. Then feeding and cleaning take place, enrichment and toys are given to all of our animals. Dogs are walked, both dogs and cats are health checked, taken to the vet if required. Members of public wanting information or to adopt are spoken to, paperwork is completed for each animal and at the end of the day more feeding and cleaning takes place before making sure they are all tucked in for the night.


-How many cats/dogs have you taken in and how many have been rehomed this year, plus how many are at the centre that need homes?

From January to October this year we have taken in 230 Dogs and 473 Cats.

Currently at the centre we have over 30 cats and 14 dogs waiting for their forever home.


-How can/what process would people who are interested in adopting a cat/dog need to take?

If people are interested in adopting from us then we would ask them to come to the centre and have a look around and chat to a member of staff about the animals in our care.


-How can people volunteer/how can people help the charity?

People can volunteer by emailing us for an application form on: or they can pop up to the centre and ask for a form.


The RSPCA do amazing work here in Coventry and the local areas. Georgia who lives just outside of Coventry adopted her dog Millie at a young age, a black Labrador. She already had a chocolate Lab called Max and she explains her worries when she first adopted Millie.

Were you worried when you adopted Millie?

G: To be honest I really was at first I didn’t know what to expect from her and if she would get on with Max. But now they are inseparable, like a brother and sister. I really think Max helped Millie settle in.

Could you tell a difference from when you first got Max and then when you adopted Millie?

G: Yes I could. Millie was a lot less confident and was really shy at first it took her a while to settle in but she couldn’t be happier now! You wouldn’t even be able to tell she had a difficult early start in life.

Would you adopt again?

G: Yes I think I would. To a dog you are their whole life and they never deserve to be mistreated or given away. There are too many animals that need homes so I would definitely consider it again.


Although after the Christmas period can be one of the busiest times for the centre, not to dampen the Christmas spirit the centre is hosting a Christmas Fayre on the 2nd of December at the Jubilee Crescent Community Centre.

There is a variety of stalls, including a clairvoyant, a local Ferret Rescue, tempting cake stalls, an array of craft stalls, tombolas for adults and children and many other Christmas gift ideas. All the money raised goes towards the charity!

Date: Saturday 2nd December 2017

Time: 11am to 3pm

Venue: Jubilee Crescent Community Centre, Radford, Coventry CV6 3EX

Cost: Free entry, although donations are always welcome!

The RSPCA is doing a fantastic job in helping animals as well as helping owners with animal welfare advice. Please think it through thoroughly whether you would be able to look after an animal and give it the life it deserves.


Drew Jenkins

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