Post Pals: a charity that gives children hope

Someone once said that helping each other out costs nothing and makes people happy. That is the main vision volunteering organizations, charities and other non-profit companies are supporting- to give without getting anything in return. Well, maybe joy and generosity. One of many charities in United Kingdom is Post Pals. This charity is dedicated to seriously ill children. Volunteers gather and craft cards, write letters, even make toys or any other gifts to make children days brighter. The charity itself was set up in 2002 by a group of teenagers, who were suffering from severe illnesses. Vikki George was the first one to discover that receiving a gift from a stranger makes a day better and brighter, thus she made this idea into reality and now Post Pals is a fully functioning charity all over the country.

Post Pals concept is to give a chance for ill children to look forward to something everyday. People who contribute are not only youngsters or students. Adults and elderly people show great interest as well. But how does the whole process work exactly? Children and their siblings are featured on the website and members of the public can log on Post Pals website, the coordinator will pick a child for you and you can start your contribution by creating something nice and send it to a particular person. Post Pals coordinator in Coventry, Sophie Sweatman said “Every week, people get involved by creating cards to ill children and their siblings. Our project at the moment mostly revolves around creating cards”. Every time it is something different- a drawing of a horse, a glittery crafted card, a letter or any other gift of your imagination. “It’s a range of things that you can create and send or buy and send”, says Sophie.

It is often left unsaid that siblings are facing difficult challenges living with the idea of their loved ones being strongly ill. The time spent in hospitals and supporting their brothers and sisters has a strong effect on person’s development. People might think that healthy children are lucky and happy, but if we asked them how they feel, the answers would vary and disappoint. A lot of quality time with family is taken away from the siblings and the effort trying to fill it with other things than family’s love is incomparable. Lisa, one of the Post Pals contributors says, “It is extremely difficult to understand what the families are going through, so being a part of this charity and making a change is very comforting. Sending cards, letters or toys is the least thing we can do to make the kids feel better”. It is hard to maintain a normal life for the less fortunate child, as well as for the siblings and other family members. Post Pals are doing a great job caring not only about the children in need, but also about their brothers and sisters providing them thoughtfulness and extra smiles.

The work Post Pals does is very valuable and more people should know about this charity, so they could contribute. It is easy to write a letter or create a card and send it to those, who don’t get enough attention and happiness. Especially when you don’t necessarily have to do crafts, you can buy things too if the time is your enemy. I will be definitely joining this charity and not only to feel better for doing a noble deed, but for the fact that doing so little can make someone’s day. For more information visit Post Pals website.


                                                               Viktorija Lipkaite

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