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"Do you like being Human"

Hazel Grian discusses the process of designing a robot on a journey of questions about humans and empathy and her career with many major companies.


Back underway!

We’re back underway here. On the stage is Hazel Grian from the Pervasive Media Studio to talk about how “We Build A Robot”



Almost ready to resume

We’re almost ready to resume here at the Lanchester Library. Up next we have Hazel Grian of Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol to talk to us about how to build a robot.


Lunch Break

That’s another session in the books!

There is now a break for lunch, sessions will resume at 1pm.


Winners from the first round

Wow that was quick!

Two teams have declared their ideas within 30 seconds. The concept was Pictionary and World Relations. You can hear their ideas below:



Friendly Competition

Continuing the theme of interaction here at Remix Play, we have a little competition in the audience.

The audience has split into teams of 2-4 and have 2 minutes to create a new game and describe the idea and how it will be played to the rest of the audience. Speed is imperative here as the first two teams to share their idea win a prize!


What is your story?

“Individuality is important for Collective Creativity”

Card games, story dice, and the experience design – The inspirations to help understand where someone is coming from, with a sense of empathy through Play.


Motivation, Engagement and Learning

“We’re trying to challenge students to co-create and engage and work with each other. How do we connect this knowledge; with the different problems we’ve gone through?” – Professor Sylvester Arnab

Talking about the power of play and the top 10 skills and problems with education and the benefits of play in education here at Coventry University


First talk comes to a close

We have reached the end of this exhilarating session from Ross. Up next we have “Co-Creativity inspired by play” by Sylvester Arnab PhD from Coventry University.


The results are in!

The description is over and the audience is ready to reveal their drawings!

The reveal receives mixed results but looks like Matt did a solid job describing the image… which was a house!


Our very own reporter gets in on the act

Our very own Mattie Osborne has been called up onto the stage for the next game, picture talk.

The job is to describe a picture to the audience and get them to accurately draw what you are describing. You can catch a glimpse below:


Drawing on Paper?

Continuing the theme of audience engagement, Ross is getting the audience to draw some shapes on a piece of paper, following instructions on the board.

On the count of 3, the audience collectively reveal their designs to a round of laughter as the variety of results are on show.

The point of the exercise is to highlight how we all interpret instructions in different ways if they are not precise and detailed.


Game-like Learning Principles

Ross is captivating the audience with his experience in teaching. He alludes to “game like learning principles” which looks at how games and gameplay can relate to learning methods within a classroom.

Concepts such as “everyone is a participant” increases engagement as everyone is involved.








An interesting start

Ross Flatt from the Institute of Play, New York gets us off to an interesting start. As an introduction, the entire room engages in a huge knockout game of rock, paper, scissors.

The message behind the game is that play can change the area we’re in, from a relatively quiet room into a bouncing, energised room, all from one simple game.




Ian Dunn gets us underway!

Coventry University Deputy Vice-Chancellor Ian Dunn gets the summit underway and starts by explaining the concept and idea behind todays venue – The Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL)


Event about to begin

The seats are starting to fill as the start draws ever closer.


We’re just waiting for proceedings to get underway here.



Almost ready to begin

Good morning from everyone here at iCov!

We are here at Coventry Univeristy to cover the Remix Play 2 Summit located on the top floor of the Lanchester Library.

We will be providing LIVE coverage throughout the day as the events unfold.

We are just a couple of minutes away from a welcome introduction from Deputy Vice Chancellor Ian Dunn who will outline the course of the day and what to expect.

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