Royalty returns to Coventry

Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton will be visiting the newly crowned City of Culture on Tuesday the 16th of January. They will be taken on a walk around the Cathedral ruins as well as being given the role of officially opening Coventry University’s new Science and Health building. The Press team at Coventry University have said “The University has been working hard to make the visit happen and we’re very happy with it going head, and it coincides very well with our victory for city of culture, and it’s a great opportunity for the university to showcase the building and the great facilitates they have to offer”


This isn’t the first time Royalty has stepped into Coventry, in 1942 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth inspected the ruins done to the Cathedral, and greeted staff at Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital. Prince William was given the red-carpet treatment whilst visiting Coventry’s war memorial park.


In 1948, the Queen known then at the time as Princess Elizabeth, paid her first visit to Coventry to inaugurate the reconstructed Broadgate after the war. The Queen once again visited Coventry to open the newly finished Walsgrave Hospital and again in 1977 during the Queens Silver Jubilee celebrations.


In 1958, Princess Diana opened the Remploy factory in Coventry which was an organisation created to employ disabled people.


In 1988 The Queen Mother received a warm welcome from crowds as she opened the Queens own Hussars Regiment Museum in Warwick.


Royalty visited the West Midlands several times in the years that followed including, Princess Diana’s visit to Fawsley house in Rugby, The Queens and Duke of Edinburgh visit to attend the Homefront commemoration service in the Coventry Cathedral in 2000, the Queens visit to the Justice Centre in 2011, and the most recent being in 2014 when the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William visited Coventry’s War memorial park. Coventry City Council, communications officer John West said “We are thrilled that the visit is happening, and we’re sure the people of Coventry will give a warm welcome to their Highnesses, on what is a historic occasion”


In each of these occasions the people of Coventry have turned up in numbers to sing the praises of their Royals, and on Tuesday the 16th of January you can be sure to being the same sorts of scenes. Lord Mayor of Coventry, Councillor Tony Skipper, told the Councils Press release “It’s going to be another memorable day for our city and we’re looking forward to seeing many Coventry people there, waving flags and cheering for our Royal visitors. “We want people from right across the city, young and old, to help give the Duke and Duchess a warm Coventry welcome and show how proud we are to be UK City of Culture in 2021.”


Their Royal Highnesses will visit on Tuesday 16 January and will meet staff and students who will demonstrate how the £59 million building is transforming training opportunities for nurses, paramedics, midwives and other health professionals.


    Aaron Virdee 

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