British Russian Relations Sour

This week has seen Jeremy Corbyn hit the headlines yet again, following a BBC Newsnight programme covering Corbyn’s proposal to tighten relationships with Russia after Brexit.


When covering the issue in question, the Labour leader was pictured with a hat that some claim, was photoshopped to look like a classic Russian hat, implying to some that he was in fact a sympathiser toward the super power in the East.


Speaking in the House of Commons, the labour leader Jeremy Corbyn claimed that any nation could have carried out the poisoning of the poisoning of a spy in Salisbury. Tensions between Russia and the UK have risen following the deaths of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia.


Despite calling the incident ‘an appalling act of violence’ and slamming the utilisation of nerve agents within war, yet alone in civilian environments. Conversations began to get heated between the Labour and Conservative leaders, with Tory back benchers shouting ‘shame’ at Jeremy Corbyn.


Hostilities between Russia and the UK are set to rise if the Prime minister is not able to try and calm the waters between the two nations. However, Jeremy Corbyn has a Labour party that is very much divided over what to do about the ominous Russian Elephant in the small room.


With division originating from the centre of the current Russia-UK relations, with opinion on foreign policy divided between those that wish to be in closer contact with Russia, and those that don’t. Theresa May criticised Labour for wanting to reach out to Russia, claiming that their chance to do that had come and gone.


Following the hostilities, foreign diplomats representing both nations have been withdrawn from each country, souring relations further.


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