Should Businesses That Primarily Depend on Facebook Be Worried?

Following all the speculation of Facebook at the moment including the data breach and even a Twitter trend of #DeleteFacebook, the firm has not only plunged in value by a whopping $58bn it’s reputation has also been damaged massively.

Due to a number of different accusations of Facebook harvesting your data and influencing you subconsciously, users are left to worry whether they can trust the site they are using. This is good news for competitors of Facebook like the other forms of social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Obviously this is not good for Facebook itself but what about the small businesses that use Facebook as a primary source of running their business?

Since Facebook first started it has developed massively in becoming a site for a huge range of users and one type of those users is businesses. Any successful business will have all the socials, as it’s the easiest way of advertising and informing regular and potential new customers. Facebook is by far the best form of social media for a business as it is the easiest to use and share plus it has a whole part of the site dedicated purely for businesses, with a manger mode to manage all the possible pages you have. You are able to advertise not only on your page but with your posts as well by being able to boost a post to where in the world you would like to advertise too, this comes with a price of course. Smaller businesses expectedly would be the most affected without Facebook as bigger firms would have just as much as an impact on other socials due to them being well known. No other social media works quite like Facebook does for businesses.

However, due to what has been brought to light with Facebook’s activity, are users are less likely to trust businesses that are primarily on Facebook due to trusting Facebook less? Small businesses will lose customers that are not confident with Facebook by generally deleting their account altogether or just being wary and cautious of everything on the site in general so it could potentially be a positive move by steering away from Facebook.

Is this the time for a new service to be created primarily for businesses to replace the business use on Facebook? Or do other social media sites need to create a space for businesses to come too from Facebook? Arguably the generation today will say that Facebook is dated and that it is time for businesses to move on to a different chapter. It will be a matter of time before a new social network is created from seeing the available gap in the market from Facebook’s slow demise.

Time will tell how reliable Facebook will be in the upcoming months after the results of the investigations and businesses will have to adapt as time takes it toll to what becomes of Facebook. Businesses who depend on Facebook should definitely be wary and to prepare for the worst.

Drew Jenkins

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