Social Media buzz: Renew Party Principal Explains Party’s Intentions

The new, anti-Brexit party Renew claims to re-think Britain’s conflict zone and connect with people, who may feel politically abandoned and homeless, has caused a buzz on the social media.

Speaking at a launch event in London, party’s leaders said that Brexit has left Britain in a conflict zone and established main parties have lost touch with the British people, so UK desperately needs a new party to give people a genuine voice in politics.

The statement and talks on Monday’s launch event, triggered a buzz on the social media. Some people expressed a huge support while the others started arguing what did the party talks mean.

Once asked to explain the statement of why party thinks that Britain is in a conflict zone, Party’s Principal, Sandra Khadhouri, who worked at the UN and Nato, said that they see UK as a country in distress and crisis, and about to make a catastrophic decision (Brexit – ed.) that create fractures in the solidarity we have with friendly partners, adding that  Brexit is not good for the country as it will cause more economic damage.


“UK has already moved from being the fastest growing economy in the G7 (*The Group of Seven, consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. These countries have 7 largest advanced economies in the world – ed.*) to the lowest”, clearly explained Party’s Principal and Director of Communications.


As some people on the social media started questioning the Party’s motives, saying that this party will be no different than the existing ones and will split the votes even more as Liberal Democrats are already the party of Remain, Sandra Khadhouri also explained, why and how Renew is and will be different.


“We are different because the campaigning groups are focused on stopping Brexit – as a party, we need to deal with what comes next – which is fixing Britain, addressing inequalities and creating a new society and economic model that brings along everyone but is also open to the future free markets, innovation and cooperation”, said Sandra Khadhouri.


She emphasized that Renew is a political party rather than just campaigning group and is building from the ground up, bringing in skills and civil society and ordinary people to come up with fresh solutions to the challenges people face in their daily lives in their local communities.


Renew has been receiving support towards its idea to overturn Brexit vote and connect Britain again since setting up its centrist agenda in addressing inequality and driving prosperity from a position of strength as a full EU member.


So far, the party has recruited over 1000 supporters and received 450 candidate applications to be MPs – including from health workers, teachers, economists, public sector workers, retirees, students and working mothers. Renew aims to recruit 650 candidates to stand in every Parliamentary constituency in the future election.


People said, they feel the need to renew their political landscape because major parties are not going to turn on Brexit:


“We received support from people who are fed up and disappointed with current politics and festering problems in our society. People are now more aware that leaving the EU is a bad idea for everyone. This is due to market uncertainty. Many businesses will relocate when we leave – this will mean a loss of jobs and prestige for the country.


Leaving EU also means leaving EU agencies and a range of cooperation mechanisms in so many areas – disease prevention, security cooperation, food hygiene, transport safety, medicine regulation.


Finally, Brexit means a loss of EU citizenship rights and a common identity that millions of Britons value, especially our your people, who are devastated at the loss of such opportunities”, said Sandra Khadhouri.


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