Justice Project Pakistan is a non-profit human rights organisation based out of Lahore, Pakistan that works on: Reducing the scope of the death penalty, protecting the right s of the mentally ill prisoners, protecting the rights of juvenile offenders and fighting for Pakistani’s jailed abroad. We spoke with Shahwali Shayan, who works as their social media consultant and is currently based in Coventry. David Aston
Jeremy Corbyn is under increasing pressure to address Anti-semitism within his party. Jeremy Corbyn has been told to act to remove the stain of anti-semitism that has been an issue of contention within the party in recent weeks and has seen a number of internal suspensions and resignation within Labour. MP’s are pressing the labour leader to take more action to address the root causes and tackle the issue of anti-semitism after he issued an
Following all the speculation of Facebook at the moment including the data breach and even a Twitter trend of #DeleteFacebook, the firm has not only plunged in value by a whopping $58bn it’s reputation has also been damaged massively. Due to a number of different accusations of Facebook harvesting your data and influencing you subconsciously, users are left to worry whether they can trust the site they are using. This is good news for competitors
Impressive presidency’s strategy  from the very beginning Starting from the 2000’s Putin’s candidacy for presidency, accounted for more than a half of overall percentage of votes. After Jelcin’s resignation, his political company was the most impressive in comparison to other candidates.  While other candidate organized public performances with potential voters, Putin flew from from Krasnodar to Chechnya on the military fighter called Su-27. Such move has had a significantly positive impact on his rating. Alongside

Will VAR Change Football As We Know It?

Posted by iCov Writer on March 30, 2018
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English fans were left devastated and infuriated after the recent draw in a friendly against Italy on Tuesday. England took the lead with a clever quick free kick taken by Jesse Lingard who passed it through to Jamie Vardy leaving him 1 on 1 with the Italian keeper, Gianluigi Donnnarumma, which was only going to result in one thing. Vardy fired a powerful shot in the top right corner making it 1-0. England had chance