The Movement That Has Taken Over November

Whether you live in the far outreaches of Asia or down the road in Leamington, it can almost certainly be guaranteed that you have heard of Movember.

What started off as a quiet excursion bringing about the return of the moustache in rural Australia has now turned into a global phenomenon – with a much more worthwhile cause.

The Movember foundation is unique as it tackles diseases that mainly affect men (prostate cancer, testicular cancer) and mental health and suicide prevention through its very unique participation requirements. All you have to do is grow a moustache for the entirety of November, get a load of sponsors et voila! You are now officially a ‘mo bro’.

Having amassed an incredibly multicultural, international, and supportive online community, the foundation also piqued the interest of celebrities such as England goalkeeper Joe Hart and actors Christoph Waltz and Damien Lewis, who were quick to join the cause.

Cancer is more of an issue around Coventry and Warwickshire than the average shire county in England. Between 2011 and 2013 there were over 600 cancer mortalities in men that could have been prevented with simple lifestyle changes. This is just one of the reasons why Movember is so important; imagine how, with the use of donations, these deaths could have been prevented just through even just raising awareness alone.

The foundation has a goal to reduce the number of men prematurely dying by 25% by 2030.

We spoke with Jennifer from marketing and communications to get her opinion on the matter.

“Well of course I think it is very achievable … The exponential growth of our movement can only look forward to more projects being funded with more and more money to fund them, it’s only natural to think that breakthroughs will happen and that we will make a difference.”

It’s definitely a no-brainer to give Movember a go even just once, there’s no better way to raise money then by sacrificing a little bit of dignity – especially if it is for a cause as impactful as this.

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