The Restlessness in Birmingham: A Fear of Terror Attacks is Rising


West Midlands cities have always be one of those, who lead the crime stats across the UK. However, if we look at the events during the past half a year, it seems that “the heart and soul” of West Midlands – Birmingham becomes a beloved shelter for those, who are under the suspicion of terror offenses. According to Islamist Terrorism: Analysis of Offenses and Attacks in the UK (1998–2015), “London was the place of residence of 43% of IROs, followed by West Midlands, with 18%. Of the latter, 80% (14% overall) were in Birmingham. The third most common region was North West England, with 10% of IROs. Together these three regions contained the residences in almost three-quarters (72%) of cases. No other region contained 10% of residences.” This facts can be proven by several arrests made in Birmingham during the last half a year. More than 8 people were arrested in the past 5 months due to involvement into terror acts or its planning. Surprisingly, many of them are UK nationals. People, taking this in account, are getting scared to live in the second largest city in the UK and keep on trying to avoid the overcrowded places.

Laura Jurgel

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