THERESA KABILA – by Sychelle Yanda

Joseph Kabila is the prevalent president of the DR Congo and has been since 2001. Since being elected, the president has consorted nothing but ‘misery and pain to the nation.’ The Congolese people (the country that provides the world with Coltan – a mineral used in mobile phones) had to step up to detested Joseph Kabila, after he deteriorated to step down when his mandate was over. In September 2016, riots began as Congolese opposition leaders started to create small groups in attempt to bring Kabila down because Kabila wanted to change the constitution for the election in order to remain in power. The UDSP (Union for Democracy and Social Progress) were the biggest opposition party in DRC, followed by MLP (Progressive Lumumba Movement) inspired by the first prime minister of the independent Republic of Congo and many more. Despite the many oppositions, each party wasn’t powerful enough to fight on their own.

The opposition leaders came together to form a party called ‘le resemblement’ (de l’Opposition de la République Démocratique du Congo) which is french for ‘the gathering of oppositions in the DRC – brings all of the opposition parties together. The only objective for this party is to take Kabila down. In 2016 some of them were arrested and are many of them are still in jail.

On the 31st of December 2017, protests, riots and marches break out as Kabila demonstrates that he is not leaving. Kabila released tear gas in a church as a response to the protests that the priests took part in. The churches promised not to hold any protests as long as Kabila left in December 2017, but as Kabila failed to keep his word – the riots and protests began resulting in Kabila releasing tear gas in a church filled with innocent people who were praying for their nation.

During this catastrophe, Kabila – who is rumoured to have Rwandese heritage, cut off the internet in Congo – meaning that people couldn’t share with the rest of the world what was going on in the country. Kabila has violated many laws by moving the election date and prolonging his mandate. How do the Congolese people feel about this?

After the trouble that has been going on in DRC, Okito Tongomo – head of the Congolese support group UK, has a very victorious message to the Congolese people.

Kabila can very much be compared to disliked leaders such as Donald Trump and Theresa May. How do such disliked people manage to get elected for these important roles that hold so much power? There government is put in place to govern and rule the country whilst considering the voices of its people.

Theresa May has served as a member of Parliament for Maidenhead since 1997. She was appointed Home Secretary, a position which she held for 6 years before becoming Prime Minister in July 2016 when David Cameron stepped down.

What do both of these ‘leaders’ Joseph Kabila and Theresa May have in common? Not only was their reign passed to them, but they are very disliked by their country because of the danger they are both causing.

Since the Conservative leader became prime minister, she has received nothing but hate from not only celebrities such as Dave and Stormzy but also by members of the public. In October 2017, prankster Simon Brodkin hands Theresa May P45 in the middle of her speech, saying ‘Boris asked me to give you this’. This proves the minimal respect held for the prime minister. I interviewed a local labour political activist from Coventry, who asked for anonymity because of the sensitivity of this topic.


Why do you think Theresa may should step down?

Firstly, a disappointing result in the Brexit election. She has fulfilled many false promises to people such as saying she would step down if she doesn’t get a majority. She didn’t and she still didn’t leave (laughs)

Do you feel that the government take the publics’ views into consideration?

Nope. More than 30,000 people petitioned ‘stay’ but the government did not hear them and it was subsided. Things like Grenfell tower only went noticed for the time it happened and now nothing is being done by the government. All we get is ‘we’re trying’ but I don’t see any efforts.

Does Theresa May stand a chance at winning the British people over?

No. education cuts and making the NHS private are all things the public are against and that’s not even everything. She keeps doing things that are not in favour of the public.

Who do you think would make a better MP?

To be honest, no one can be a good MP. All of them make false promises, it’s just about an MP who can actually deliver at least some of those promises – like Tony Blair.

If Theresa May was to run up for an election, do you think she would’ve become the MP?

No. she would have lost for obvious reasons.

What do Joseph Kabila and Theresa May have in common?

Both of them don’t want to leave power even though the public from their countries do not want them in their position.

The public believe that Theresa May is a huge threat to the British Government and its people.

It’s scary that despite being hated by your own country, being told to step down and being a threat – both May and Kabila still remain in power. The future of one’s country should be in the hands of its people but for Great Britain and DR Congo, this is not the case. If Kabila, May and Trump all decided to step down – would this mean a happier future for their country? Most importantly, does the government really care about the publics views if they still have corrupted rulers?




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