Ubers Everywhere.

Coventry’s black taxis has been running for over the thirty years in the city, transporting people two and from their destination at a fee charged on a set meter.

Over the last three months there has been a significant rise in the number of Uber taxis in the city of Coventry. In spite of both taxis being in the same small city a conflict has started to form as a fight for customers begins.

Uber is a large taxi company, it was launched in San Fransisco in May 2010. The Uber buisness works through customers and taxi drivers both having an ‘Uber’ app on their phone. For the customer the app shows near by drivers, the estimated price of a trip and how long the journey will take. As for the driver, the app has a built in satnav and shows customers to be picked up near by Ubers.

Over the past few months there has been an influx of Uber cab drivers in the city due to a high demand, the demand has risen for a number of reasons. Firstly Uber is a cheaper option and you know how much you will be paying before the journey has even been booked. Another reason is the convenience of Uber, the fact that you can access a taxi through an app is very popular nd fits in well with the current digital era we live in today. As a result of some of these benefits, the number of customers using black taxis in coventry have decreased and tends to be souly used by the older generations.

I spoke to Black taxi driver Neil Goodman who gave his opinion on the situation;


Many black taxi drivers share the same opinion as Neil as in their opinion they have worked hard to become taxi drivers applying for licenses, taking knowledge tests, applying for advertising and even paying for the black taxi themselves and in comparison uber drivers must simply have a normal drivers license, a car that is year 2000 or newer and pass a background check.

However it is not just Coventrys local black taxis’s who are getting frustrated with the uber services. In many city’ s such as China, Denmark and Bulgaria there has been a similar issues of more people getting Ubers than the original taxis in the city, this caused those citys to put bans on Uber taxis being used, this allowed local taxis to have a fair chance of earning their money.

Uber are currently in an ongoing court case in London as their lisence was withdrawn form them. This was due to criminal offences happening in taxis and rules being bent making the company unsafe.Although this was good news to a lot of Black Taxi drivers, there was alot of bad feedback from the public through social media.

‘No Uber in London is going to be a real Travesty, basically lived in them the whole weekend #STRESS’. @Alexthenewton tweeted.

So the question deemed is would it be benefitial to Coventry if Ubers lisence was removed or banned from the city?

I spoke to Uber driver Zain Ali, heres what he had to say;


(LINK TO ARTICLE ON MEDIUM – https://medium.com/@moniqueblanche97/ubers-everywhere-51091edc9d3c )

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