Waterpark Expected to Bring a Splash of Fun to the City Centre


Coventry city set to have a £36.7 Million water park and leisure centre

Coventry city plans to build £36.7 million water park and leisure centre located in the city centre. It is hoped that the site will be opened by late 2018 or spring 2019.

The leisure centre, including a water park, 25-metre pool, gym, climbing wall, squash courts, dance studio and spa, will be built in the city centre.

It is hoped that this will increase the amount of visitors to the city centre and in result provide a valuable boost to the local economy.

The new building will be designed to reflect the city’s weaving past and the outside appearing to be wrapped by a swirling ribbon.

The site that previously sat there was the former housed council and NHS workers, meaning location to somewhere else for those when demolition first began in October 2016.

It is hoped the waterpark will attract an increasing families and friendship groups boosting the city’s economy and decreasing the unemployment rate as the site will create more job opportunities.

According to the home office in June 2017 over 4.3% of the population age 16 and over are unemployed with figures bouncing quite regularly.

Promoting that this new water-park will provide the city with more job prospects.


Angela Crocker

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